Frequently Asked Questions

How do I...

…get started with this package?

Start with the quickstart tutorial to get an overview of this package, then select one of the installation methods.

…simulate my own source catalogs?

If your source objects are galaxy-like, you can format you catalog with the columns described here. Otherwise, create an issue describing your catalog and what you are trying to do.

…simulate other instruments?

If the instrument you would like to simulate is similar to one of the defaults (LSST, DES, CFHT), you can simply modify a few parameters. See the quickstart tutorial for examples. You can also define a new default survey configuration by modifying the file descwl/ Instruments are described with a simple model that may not be sufficient for your needs: in this case, please create an issue describing what you are trying to do.

…add my own pixel-level analysis?

In case the existing output catalog does not already calculate the quantities you need, you can either write your own post-processor using the skeleton code provided, or else modify the descwl/ file that generates the output catalog. In either case, feel free to create an issue to let us know what you are trying to do and get feedback.

…ask questions or report bugs?

The code is hosted on github. Please use the issue tracker to let us know about any issues you have with installing or running this code, or to request new features.

…contribute to the code?

This software is open source and your contributions are welcome! General information for package developers is here. If you would like to add a new feature, please start by creating a new issue to describe it.